About Love Niamh

Helllooooo! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Niamh.

I created as an outlet to share (and justify) my shopping addiction. Sometimes Model, PR practitioner and future cat burglar, I love all things fashion and beauty and especially love trying out new beauty products.

I love hearing from my readers so if you find yourself reading this page, do fire me an email, tell me what you love, what you hate or y’know just say hello – don’t be a stranger!


I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. What better way to express yourself! 


I have a love/hate relationship with beauty products. I loveto try them. My bank balance however doesn’t! 


I love to travel. I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world, from the Maildives to Cuba and everywhere in between. 

Book Reviews

Reading is one of the most important and best hobbies I think anyone can have. Not only can it be relaxing, but there is a whole world of experiences to learn from out there in that big bad world.