July 16, 2014

Zoeva Cosmetics Haul



Recently, while I was home in Ireland, I noticed that my make up brushes were in dire straights. I’m no make up artist so I picked the brains of Debbie Leonard. I didn’t have a clue about the types of brushes I would need, so she was definitely the woman to ask.

I don’t know about you but make up brushes are EXPENSIVE! I did loads of research on synthetic V’s animal hair. I knew if I was going to invest the big bucks, I wanted a decent set and so, I came across Zoeva. I had never heard of the brand and came across them reading reviews other beauty bloggers had done. The ONLY negative thing I have found online, was a girl saying one of her brushes had lost a bit of shape when she washed it and had contacted Zoeva and was advised that the shape would return with use. Having that as the only negative piece of information, out there on the big wide interweb is just crazy. So I decided to check out their website and I couldn’t believe their prices. Everything is soooo affordable. My previous make up brushes were all MAC and Smashbox which are $$$.

I ordered the Complete set which cost $109.

and I didn’t stop there. I also ordered the concealer palette, a bronzer/blush palette, two eyeliners and a lip crayon! Zoeva are based in Germany. It took approx. 2 weeks to arrive at my doorstep in Australia. I paid 18USD for DHL.


All in, I spent $200 which is nothing when you check out the quality. I most definitely got bang for my buck!

DSC_0237DSC_0238edited PicMonkey CollageDSC_0255 DSC_0243

lip DSC_0259 DSC_0242



The swatches above are the lip crayon in Silly Love, and eye liners in Mr Marvelous (navy colour) and Rock n Roll Bride (browny color)!

I filmed a Vlog as I was unboxing…


Check it out below…


Love Niamh x

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