March 28, 2014

Beauty Box Subscriptions: March Bellabox 2014

Beauty Box Subscriptions: Bellabox

Beauty Box Subscriptions: Bellabox

Beauty box subscriptions are now MASSIVE business!

I’ve been subscribed to Bellabox for a while now. I’ve also tried Wantable (which I was super impressed with but is a lot more expensive) and Marie Claire’s The Parcel.

I find that with beauty box subscriptions, you end up with a lot of the same products i.e. shampoo samples, and hand cream so I don’t know how much longer I will continue to get Bellabox. I do enjoy randomly receiving 5 products to try every month but there comes a time when you’re just over run with too many samples!

Take a peek below to see what I got in my March Bellabox…

I was pretty happy with it overall, but I would love if they would stop sending me hand cream. I have so much hand cream from these boxes that I’m pretty sure I have enough for the rest of my life. Friends – expect hand cream for your birthdays 🙂

The Wow body lotion smells delicious and I love the colour of the lippy and it’s most definitely not a colour I would have chosen myself – I’m so boring like that and always stick to nude or pinks. I’m not overly impressed with the box but I’m not really disappointed either.

If you are just starting out in the world of beauty box subscriptions or are a little short of cash, I would recommend you try Bellabox as a starter subscription box, but I think that after a while, you may become bored of the products they are aligned with as they are virtually all unknown brands and mostly sample size whereas the likes of Marie Claire’s The Parcel has brands like Estee Lauder on board.

Beauty Box Subscriptions: Bellabox

Beauty Box Subscriptions: Bellabox