January 30, 2015

Pamper Day: LUSH Mask of the Magnaminty and VO5 Hot Oil Hair Treatment



This week I decided to have a pamper day so took Tuesday off and made a verrrry long weekend out of the already long weekend – Thanks Australia Day!

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It was well worth it. It’s not often I get the chance to just space out and read a book in the bath with a face mask on. I also took the opportunity to try the VO5 Hot Oil hair treatment which I mentioned here –

VO5It’s so easy to use. I literally dropped the hot oil tube in the bath with me to warm up and then took it out when I was ready to pop it on my gruaig (that’s hair in Irish for any of my aussie readers 🙂 ). I left it on for about a minute – the packaging does warn not to leave it on any longer. I then washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner as normal. I noticed when I was blast drying my hair that it was super soft. It looks like it’s in great condition since doing the treatment and is definitely something which has made it onto my list of regular treats. The pack also comes with 4 tubes so your set for the next 8 weeks. I wouldn’t advise doing the treatment more than every two weeks and I’m a bit wary of doing anything to your hair too much as can cause breakages etc. but I’ve had no split ends since doing the treatment and that’s saying something because I haven’t had a haircut since my visit to Goop Salon in Dec.

I also used LUSH’s Mask of the Magnaminty which I first spoke about back in May. I picked a jar of this stuff up the last time I was in Charlestown Shopping Centre, as I really liked it when I used it before. Is it just me or is anyone else completely drawn to LUSH stores when they pass by?? It’s like they’re calling my name or actually my debit card! So many treats but they are a bit pricey so it’s always hard to choose the one or two things I want the most. This mask is really refreshing and obviously all natural as it’s from LUSH. It smells really minty though so if you’re not a big fan of mint, you might want to give this one a miss.

My pores are quite blocked so this really opens them up. I find it reduces redness which is great for any acne scarring – of which I have quite a bit around my jawline – thank you hormones!   One of the major downsides to LUSH’s face masks are that they only last a couple of months. I know that means the ingredients are fresh and all but if I’m spending $$ I want my products to last a while. Every so often though I do treat myself and splurge a little on the things that don’t last so long.