July 29, 2014



As it was my Birthday last month, I decided to treat myself to some new threads. I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe, getting rid of heaps of clothes that don’t fit me anymore. My wardrobe must be about half it’s original size already and I’m still not finished. EEEK. So my splurge is justfied… a little. OK, not really but in my defense, it was all on sale….

I filmed a VLOG on all my new pieces which you can check out below. I did also have two items which I had to return to ASOS. I’ve never had to return anything with ASOS before and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. The first item was a Lipsy Jacket, which was faulty. The kind kids in Customer Care were so easy to deal with and refunded me my money and had the jacket picked up by courier within 24 hours. I also had a pair of jeans that I had to return as I had ordered the wrong size. In this case, I paid $10 to return them to Sydney and am in the process of getting a refund for them.

In total, I bought about 12 items I think which I will be wearing a LOT in the future as I love them all! The brands I picked up were ASOS own brand, Pieces, Oasis, Lipsy, New Look, and Blank NYC and included everything from Jeans to evening dresses. The pictures below are more about the detail on the items but check out my VLOG if you want to see the overall pieces 🙂 .

Here’s my ASOS haul!

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