May 11, 2014

Home from Australia!!

2014-05-11 15.51.16


So I haven’t been blogging much lately because…. I’m home from Australia!


I’ve only a week left and the last three have flown by waaaaay too quickly!


We had plenty of drama on the flight over with an unscheduled night in Dubai courtesy of Emirates. It was nice to explore Dubai but I hadn’t packed ANY warm clothes at all so I was a bit of a sweaty betty.


What have I been up to in Ireland?


Well, my first stop was a haircut because lets face it the Aussie hairdressers aren’t a patch on the service you get in an Irish one. Got a colour and cut in Robert Chambers – super job – highly recommended! Next stop was to Hotlox hair extensions (I feel like Rapunzel…) I’ve been to Anna in there heaps of times (and blogged about the entire experience) to have extensions put in. I haven’t had any in for the last 18months as they are ridiculously expensive in Oz.

I then hit Penneys like it was a supermarket and there was about to be a tornado. You’ll see plenty of my purchases over on my Instagram or on the FB page.

I’ve been really busy catching up with people and tying up loose ends here before I make the permenant move. I’ve donated an insane amount of clothes to charity and am debating whether or not to sell some of my designer and nicer pieces.

I’ve also been trying to buy as much skincare stuff as possible while I’m here. I’d been using a lot of Nuxe stuff before I left to go to Oz but they don’t sell it over there. Well, Priceline have started carrying some stuff but it’s more of the anti -aging line so I’ve been picking up bits and pieces in M&S and Arnotts.

The best part of being home is getting to see family and friends and of course my two labs- Buzzy and Tripp.


How cute are they!?!


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But I’m not home for long… I’ve only a week left in Ireland before we fly back to Oz… I can’t wait to feel the sun on my skin. how did I live in Ireland  -It’s so cold!!