August 30, 2016

5 Top Products to Help Grow your Nails


How to Grow Your Nails 

Since my last unfortunate trip to the nail salon (which you can read about here), I have been doing my best to grow my nails in the most healthy way possible. Here’s my advice on how you can grow your nails.

I have found the products below have really helped my nails to become strong again. I did get acrylic nails a couple of times in a row which if you have ever had done, you will know that they weaken your nails when they are taken off (even if taken off in a salon).

My top 5 products to help grow your nails are:

  1. An oil to massage into your nails and give them some nourishment. I have been using Coconut Oil.
  2. A good hand cream. I have been using Moo Goo’s anti fungal hand cream. This stuff is the absolute bomb. It doesn’t smell amazing in my opinion but the smell is worth the softness of my hands. I also found that I didn’t have any hangnails around my nails while using this.
  3. Sally Hansen’s Complete Care 7 in 1. This claims to act as a base coat, top coat, helps growth, helps strengthener, is a ridge-filler, brightens and is moisturizing. I put this on once a week and found it really helped strengthen my nails but it was $20 so quite pricey.
  4. Nail file. A nail file was literally my best friend while growing my nails. There is nothing worse than growing your nails only to crack the side of one. I know there are ways to use pieces of tea bags to fix your nail but I would rather just not let it crack in the first place.
  5. Polish. Polish acted as a buffer for me and gave my nails extra strength so they could grow back stronger.

As you can see in the above pic, my nails had a groove from where an acrylic was taken off and not buffed properly.

Below are my nice new shiny healthy nails!