March 2, 2016


Glam Glow Glam Glow Review


I finally got around to posting my Glam Glow review. When I first heard of Glam Glow, there was a LOT of hype around the product. I was skeptical to say the least. In my opinion, very rarely do expensive products work amazingly well in comparison to cheaper drugstore brands to justify the whopping price differences.

I suffer from acne so I tried the Super-Mud Clearing Treatment which I purchased on the Mecca website which cost $86 but the price has since been raised to $98.

Is it worth it?

I’m saying yes. Although pricey, I do believe the product justifies the cost.

If you have oily skin as I do, this Glam Glow mask will work well for you as I found that as the mask was drying it pulled out blackheads and excess oil which I found gross but really satisfying. I haven’t tried any of the other Glam Glow masks as yet so I can’t comment on how well they work but if you don’t suffer oily skin, I would suggest trying one of them as this mask is designed to basically get rid of the crap in your pores.

My skin looked and felt so good after using the mask, so much so, that it prompted my mum to go out and buy a jar!

Now, one mask doesn’t get rid of every black head but it does make quite a noticeable difference to the condition of your skin. I found my skin looked clearer and brighter and was really soft.

To date, I have used an entire jar which I got about 10 uses out of. This mask is expensive but I felt it was money well spent after using it and seeing how well it worked for me. However I know that not everybody has the money to spend on a face mask so I also reviewed a Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Dupe which you can read here.

After I took the mask off with warm water, I applied a heavy moisturizer to make sure I was hydrating my skin. A couple of things that I didn’t like about the mask was that it is quite hard to remove and the packaging is ridiculous for the size of the jar!

  • You’re the third person I’ve heard saying that Glam Glom works wonders but it’s just super expensive and I can’t afford it as a student.. bummer. Anyway, awesome blog xx

    – Ashley Smith