March 21, 2015

HOW TO: Put Volume In Fine Hair




Fine hair? Me toooo!

I’m usually that girl, you know, the one that’s hair does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

If you read regularly or follow me on Insta you’ll know what I’m talking about!

My hair is so fine that I find it hard to do anything with it. I’m that girl that goes to the hairdressers, they insist on a curly blow dry or to style it and I’m all like what’s the point, it won’t be that way once I walk out the door. 10 seconds in normal weather and my hair is flat as a pancake unless I backcomb the crap out of it and lets face it who wants to do that?

I’ve dabbled in hair extensions (OK I was a little obsessed with them…) and even with washing my hair backwards to give me more volume. I’ve tried so many mousses and hair sprays that have promised me the moon, the sun and stars that I’ve stopped even using any product that promises volume and relied on my backcombing brush and let me tell you my hair does NOT thank me for it.

BUT when the Priceline announced they were giving away a hair care bag worth $180 if you purchased $40 worth of hair care products, I naturally felt I NEEDED volume in my life again and found myself wandering the aisles of Priceline in their Hamilton store with Katherine from work. I picked up quite a few hair care products that I wouldn’t necessarily have picked up if I’d just wandered in aimlessly wanting to spend some money.

Priceline are quite smart that way, for you see, you have to spend the said $40 on particular brands so I ended up with some TIGI Shampoo and 4 Toni & Guy products; one of which was actually in the goody bag- I really should have read up on what I was trying to get.

One of the Toni & Guy products has since turned into my go to product in the morning.


Introducing Toni & Guy’s Volume Plumping Mousse!

This is how I put volume back into my tired dull lifeless hair:

Once out of the shower, I pumped out a dollop of Toni & Guy’s Volume Plumping mousse the size a kiwi into my hand.

I then worked this through my hair concentrating on my roots.

I blast dried this with my hair dryer while my head was upside down to get more volume. I was really careful while blast drying to stop every couple of minutes and comb through my hair. I hate when you use mousse and get that crunchy dried in texture that just looks greasy. If this happens to you, you should be able to just brush it out, but I find that when brushing out my hair tends to get a bit lifeless.

Lately, I’ve also been twisting my hair when it’s mostly dry but a little bit damp still into a bun and clipping it high on my head so that it’s got some bounce when I let it out.

The curse of having straight fine hair. Parents – how could you lumber me with this!