January 10, 2017



My Name is Mahtob

I bought this book in Kmart of all places before Christmas. I didn’t even realise there was a sequel to Betty Mahmoody’s ‘Not Without My Daughter’.

I read ‘Not Without My Daughter’ when I was a teenager and loved the movie starring Sally Fields. The book really moved me as a teen. It was probably one of the first books I read that I really thought WOW, my life could have been so very different. When I first read about Betty Mahmoody’s story, I was moved to tears by her courage and love for her daughter. I was rooting for Betty and Mahtob the entire way through the book, much like any other reader.

I couldn’t imagine being taken from the only family I had known and plunged into an entirely different world. One that doesn’t favor women.

I can only imagine how scary this would be for a grown woman, but for a child to go through this breaks my heart.

‘My Name is Mahtob’ is the follow up book to international bestseller ‘Not Without My Daughter’. It is beautifully written and tells the story from Mahtob’s point of view. The book continues the story and focuses on Mahtob’s life after her escape from Iran and living in fear from her father, all from her point of view.

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down as I had been so intrigued Mahtob’s story after reading her mother’s. This is definitely a must read if you would like to read a real story with substance. A true story of bravery, courage and love. Highly recommended.