May 11, 2017

Book Review: The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life

Book Review: The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life


I was recently sent the press release for the The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life. I actually requested a review copy as I loved the idea of the story.

The Story

Growing up in the shadow of the Second World War, sisters Lilly and Neave could not be more different. Lilly is a beauty who runs through men like water, while Neave is a bookworm who would rather read about life than experience it. While Lilly is breaking hearts, Neave loses herself in an illicit copy of The Pirate Lover, a romance in which the heroine is more swashbuckling than the hero.

When the menfolk return from war and take back their jobs, the sisters are expected to settle down and marry. Unwilling to give up their independence, Lilly and Neave decide to join forces to create a makeup empire. But just as the business is taking off, Lilly mysteriously disappears.

Desperate to find her sister, Neave is forced to put her beloved books aside and take centre stage, something she has been running from her entire life. She must figure out what happened to Lilly – and if she’s next. Who Neave turns to for help makes this one of the most original, entertaining, exciting and chilling novels you will read this year.


I am a massive fan of women doing it for themselves. Naturally this book seemed right up my alley!  One of the main characters is Neave. I’m Niamh (Neave in English). That doesn’t often happen in books written by anybody that isn’t Irish. I was excited over this alone!

The book turned out to be wildly different from my expectations. It has a coming of age female hero vibe with a bit of history thrown in, with two entirely different stories told in one novel. Two heroes – both female, which I thought is fantastic.

I did enjoy the book. I won’t lie. There were parts that I wasn’t completely on board with like imagining Mr.Boppit (a dead dog) in heels in the midst of post WW2. The novel is well written and addresses the topic of abuse and control really well.  I escaped into their world but at times I felt the plot line was drawn out. I love Neave’s character. She is never afraid to give up and does what she wants despite the thought of danger.

Would I buy it? Yes.