November 27, 2016

Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey

shoes of prey

Design your own shoes with Shoes of Prey


I recently had the opportunity to design my own shoes with Shoes of Prey when my dad sent me a voucher. It was such an awesome experience. I have blogged about Shoes of Prey before when I first discovered them. It is a pricey experience but I am really impressed with my shoes.

I have never designed shoes before. Excitement City!

The entire process was really easy.

It begins with choosing your style and height of shoe – heel, pump, sandal, boot etc. I wanted a sandal I could wear everyday.

The second stage of the shoe design process involves choosing a strap style – criss cross, strap back, ankle strap with zip etc. There are so many options. I went with an ankle strap with zip on the back.

My favourite part of the process was choosing colours and textures. There is so much variety. I was nervous to see how the colours and textures would come together as I couldn’t see or feel them when designing my shoe. Shoes of Prey have a store in Sydney so if this worries you too and you want to design your own shoes then pop into their store.


I wanted a sandal I could wear everyday that was a bit dressier than the standard sandal. I chose bronze and browns with a black snake print on the back of my sandal which makes them pop. The sandals are made from leather.

The shoes arrived in a beautiful packaging. It took 6 weeks from design to holding the shoes in my hands.




Designing anything is so personal. I was really nervous to even post a pic on Instagram but I did.



I am delighted with the response and love my new sandals. Thanks Dad for an awesome experience!

I wouldn’t have had this experience if my Dad hadn’t given me a voucher, but having created these sandals, it is something I would like to do again.

Shoes of Prey offer remakes and returns if your shoes are not right. Refunds are offered within the first 365 days.