February 4, 2017

Why I decided to give blood

Giving Blood

I am not a big fan of needles. Working up the courage to donate is hard when you don’t like needles. Let me tell you! I have wanted to donate blood for years! I think it is one of the most worthwhile causes. It doesn’t cost you anything but could potentially save up to 3 lives.

For years, I had the excuse that I couldn’t donate blood due to health implications and travel restrictions. 2016 was the first year in a long time, that I realised I was finally eligible to donate. I attempted to donate in August but couldn’t as I had traveled to Bali last June.

In January 2017, while perusing my Leonie Dawson goal books, I saw that I hadn’t checked off my goal to donate.

I booked my appointment online and took the first available appointment so I couldn’t chicken out.

When I arrived at the centre, I was taken to an interview room to ensure I was a suitable candidate, weighed and had my hemoglobin levels checked. After this, I was brought into the donation room and hooked up to the needle.


giving blood -



As you can see, from the picture above, the process is very simple.

A needle is inserted to withdraw blood to a weighed bag. You can only donate 470mls every 3 months. The entire process takes approx. 1 hour from start to finish. 1 hour which could change lives.

What happens after donating?

The blood donated is tested for various disease and then sent to where it is needed. Blood is then divided into red cells, platelets and plasma. Platelets are used to treat leukemia and help keep chemo patients platelets levels stable during treatment. Plasma is used to treat Cancer, blood diseases, haemophilia, anaemia, heart disease, stomach disease, kidney disease, childbirth, operations, blood loss, trauma and burns.

If you are even thinking about donating, I urge you, please do! This is such a worthy cause. You never know when you may need to rely on the goodwill of other people’s donations.