April 27, 2015

What I Wore: Ginger Fizz Jungle Book Dress

Niamh FItzsimons wears Ginger Fizz Niamh Fitzsimons wears Ginger Fizz


I am sooooo in love with this Ginger Fizz dress. Please excuse my ‘glowy’ face!

It’s no secret I’ve put on some weight in the last year – 8kgs to be precise.

This is the first dress that I’ve actually felt really sexy in since my modeling days. It’s the Ginger Fizz Jungle Book Palm Print Dress With Asymmetric Hem. I bought it on ASOS ages ago and I’ve only recently gotten around to wearing it – Am I the only one that finds old purchases with the tags stuck on in my wardrobe?. I’d never even heard of the brand but really loved the print so this Ginger Fizz dress quickly found its way in my cart. It was only $80, which I find quite affordable if it’s something that you are going to wear more than once.

I love the print as it’s not something I would typically wear and it reminds me of exotic holiday time. The hemline is also so different to anything else in my wardrobe!

The straps are also pretty thick so it’s not likely for them to snap which I have had in the best with a certain spaghetti strap dress.

The bust line is  also really sexy, some might say its too revealing but it’s boned so the girls won’t be popping out to say hello anytime soon! You can  actually mould the bones to fit your bust too so it’s not really a one size fits all which is one of the only negatives I can find with this dress. I’m pretty sure also that you could get away with popping on those stick on bras if you weren’t comfortable enough with going bra-less in this dress, although, in my humble experience, the dress is tight enough to hold everything together and that’s coming from a big busted gal!

I didn’t take any full length shots in the dress – Bad Niamh!

So I’ve grabbed some shots from the ASOS website.

Ginger Fizz Jungle Book Dress ASOS Ginger Fizz Jungle Book Dress ASOS