October 21, 2015

Balyage : Sin è Hair Salon Greystones

BEFORE: New Hair

BEFORE: New Hair

I flew into Ireland from Sydney on Saturday afternoon. One of the first things I wanted to do when I got home was get my hair done. I’m sorry to say this but Australia is severely lacking in good hairdressers. In my experience, Irish hairdressers are trained really differently to Australian hairdressers and I think if I hadn’t experienced the way hair is treated in Ireland, I more than likely wouldn’t have this opinion.

Living in Australia now for almost 3 years, I definitely do not get my hair cut and coloured as much as I know I would if I still lived in Ireland, mainly because I haven’t had great experiences. I find that the hairdressers I have been to see in Australia don’t really listen to what I want and in one case actually broke my hair by leaving peroxide on my hair for way to long so it became really brittle and just snapped off. I’m not in the habit of bagging businesses out especially hairdressers as it really comes down to the experience that an individual has and the experience I might have will be completely different to one someone else may have because hair type/colour/history are all different.

So you can imagine my excitement to get to a hairdressers anytime I get home! I did get a haircut in Christiane’s in Greenhills right before I came home but I wasn’t really that happy with it.

I toyed around with going into Dublin to get my hair done but I’m really suffering from jet lag this time so I tagged along with my Mum who goes to Sin è in Greystones.

I was originally going to get some highlights to brighten my hair up a bit before summer. Last summer my hair kept bleaching out so I was throwing home dye in it every 4 weeks. I decided that this year I’m just going to roll with the sun instead of trying to fight a losing battle.

The girls in Sin è actually instead advised me to get bayage which I have had done before in Australia. They reckoned it would be more subtle and less stressful on my hair as my hair is really fine. I think they were right. The really surprising thing was that balyage was actually cheaper than a full head of highlights so I’m pretty impressed that they lost out money recommending something that would suit my needs better. Balyage is also super low maintanence as you don’t have to keep getting roots done.

I also had a further 1.5 inches taken off my hair. I had about 1 inch taken off just before my trip home. I have found over my years of living with fine hair, that the best cut for fine hair is a blunt cut as it makes fine hair look thicker.

In total a cut & colour was 80 EUR.

I’m pretty happy with the results…

AFTER: New Hair - Balyage