December 3, 2015

Event: Jacobs Creek Picnic

Jacobs Creek


Jacobs Creek Picnic

I had the pleasure of being invited, along with three friends, to the Jacobs Creek picnic in Sydney by the Contagious NetworkDSC_3259 last weekend. It was such a lovely event. The invitation arrived the week prior with the most adorable friendship bracelets – four in total. The bracelets were the tickets into the event.


How cute is that?

I LOVE picnics but can never persuade Colm to come along – this was the perfect excuse.

On arrival, we were presented with our hamper of food (chicken wraps, quiche, crackers, cheese and brownies) and picnic blanket. As I’m lactose intolerant, I didn’t eat everything on offer, but the boys informed me the food was ‘delish’.

IMG_0967[1]Jacobs Creek were launching their new cider wine mix – Pip & Seed, which was surprisingly nice. I’m a massive cider fan. It’s my go to drink in the hot weather as it’s so refreshing so I wasn’t sure how cider and wine mixed together would taste. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous tasting it but was pleasantly surprised.

There are 3 flavors to choose from – Crisp, Fruity and Sweet. My favorite is Crisp.



The venue was beautifully dressed with huge over-sized balloons and cute floral arrangements. Jacobs Creek also had wait staff walking around the picnic blankets refreshing drinks. It was great to sit and relax, catching up with friends for a couple of hours. We also listened to live music by Boogie Nights (The band had most people up on their feet dancing) and played giant games. They had an instagram wall which attendee’s could create GIF’s at or take photos at. One lucky attendee also won a trip to New Caladonia! It was a really fun event.


We had a really great time and it was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


  • Kei

    What a fun weekend getaway! I like how you’ve walked us through with photos – these sure bring the festivities to life 🙂 I’m a fellow cider fan and certainly curious about the cider-wine fusion! I also checked out Contagious Network and I think it’s a great idea to connect experience-seeking reviewers with brands. Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing, Niamh!

  • Dee

    Wow, how amazing! I am so jealous! I too love cider and will be keeping a look out for Pip & Seed when I’m next shopping 🙂

  • Jane Manthorpe

    Looked like a lovely event and quite unique in that they provided the picnic lunch and wine, I have not seen this before. Here in New Zealand there are many events like this for different occasions like Opera in the Park, and Jazz Festival and Comedy Show etc, everyone gathers on a green somewhere where local beers and wine are served (what NZ is famous for) and brings something to eat. Its a great atmosphere just like what you described at your picnic and a great way to meet new people. I will have to suggest to an event about them providing the picnic next time! 🙂

  • Aw, it looks like a really great time! I am way over in Canada, but I drink Jacob’s Creek wine as well. Now I’m interested in trying out this new cider wine mix. Sounds tasty!