November 30, 2015

Genesis Your New Beginning Challenge



REVIEW: Genesis Your New Beginning

Wow, what a joke of a challenge.

The Your New Beginning Challenge was $70 I think to take part. Both myself and Colm signed up. We were promised diet plans, an amazing app, weekly group training sessions, scans with ASN, nutritional talks etc.

Let me start by saying don’t waste your money. Myself and Colm were among the first people to sign up and pay at the first info talk held in the gym, for which there were heaps of posters around the gym. They said all the right things during the talk and even had the gyms previous winner get up and speak about his fitness journey.

We didn’t hear anything from Genesis once we had paid.

I had to enquire at reception in the Rutherford gym to find out what was going on when the girl then handed me a sheet to sign to say I had gotten the bag and drinks bottle which every participant was given. Myself and Colm were like WTF?! Shouldn’t we have been contacted to ask us to come in and get the goodies or told about them? To top it off, our names weren’t even on the list after we had paid.

We thought once we were on that list, maybe communication from the gym would be better – EH NO!

We basically just worked out like we normally would and every once in a while we would get an email from Genesis to ‘spur’ us on in the challenge. If that’s what your after, I’d recommend setting reminders in your phone, with motivational quotes as it would be a LOT cheaper.

We heard about two group sessions which were taking place through our PT but couldn’t make them as we had other commitments. We were also in Ireland for 2 weeks of the 12 week challenge. That leaves 8 weeks of sessions which we never heard anything.

The only good aspects of the challenge were that we had measurements done in the beginning, middle and end. I also had three scans done with ASN as part of the challenge, which let me document my results from my own working out.

The diet plans we were promised didn’t cater for lactose intolerant so while I tried to pick and choose bits from the recipes which kind of defeats the purpose, it wasn’t for me.

The app was also really clunky and we actually had to get a password from reception to even register which was a little bit odd. The website and app also required separate accounts and logins which was just weird. Surely you would just have one set of details and the app pulls information from the website and vice versa?

For myself and Colm, the challenge was a massive disappointment and was really badly organised as we were never contacted with session times or any other information that actually applied to us. I’m sure we are not the only ones either, which is a massive shame.

I’ve seen some massive changes in some people that have taken part in the challenge which only makes me more annoyed that Genesis couldn’t get their act together and include everybody that paid for the challenge.

I definitely wouldn’t do it again, that’s for sure!